July 6, 2022
The Gypsy JournalBy Jason “Gypsy” Kladiva

Filson Packer Coat

It has never been any secret that I am in love with the Filson brand. Filson—while on the more expensive side—provides a quality product that lasts. This is why I continually turn to Filson for products for work and play.

When I came to Montana to be a winter guide in Yellowstone National Park I knew it was going to be cold. It’s not uncommon to wake up to -40 without a windchill in West Yellowstone. The National Park Service requires the temperature to be at least -19 for snowmobile guides to bring folks into the park. Now add a 30-35 mile an hour wind against you from just the movement of the machine for 8 hours. That is a long day if you aren’t prepared. The temperature can change in a heartbeat and we may start out the day at -17 and by 2 pm be in the positive 20s.

Nylon doesn’t allow for the swing in temperature. It is going to pack in the body heat. My past experience with wool let me know that it can hold in the heat or allow your body to breathe. It was time to call Filson.

I made that phone call and we came to the conclusion that the Line Wool Packer Coat would be my best bet on a snowmobile and I haven’t regretted that decision for a second. The coat is made of 24 oz 100% virgin Mackinaw Wool with a double layer cape over the back, shoulders and arms, is lined with flannel and features a New Zealand sheepskin shearling on the collar that buttons up to keep my neck and arms warm. The coat is cut longer in the back to keep my butt warm with a full with pocket in the back to store my stocking cap and spare gloves for when we are walking thermal basins.

This coat looks the part for Yellowstone and is rugged enough to stand up to the winters. I really can’t say enough about it.

Filson Lined Packer Coat
Item Number 20018829