July 6, 2022
The Gypsy JournalBy Jason “Gypsy” Kladiva

My Coffee Guy

For every need in life everybody should have a “guy” or “girl”.  For instance, if you are shopping for a good used car and need to get one looked over before you buy it, you call your “Car Guy”. If the toilet in the Man Cave bathroom blows up, you call your “Toilet Guy”. Right? Follow me?  Well, Chris Burke is my Coffee Guy.

Chris Burke hard at work roasting coffee at Morning Glory Coffee & Tea in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Chris is a regular guy in small town West Yellowstone, Montana who has been in the coffee business for 30 years. He’s traveled the world and visited the farmers who grow the stuff. He has bought and sold it for the big guys and now has his own shop where he roasts it, packages it and sells it wholesale, retail or any other way he can get it out the door with a dime in his pocket. The man loves coffee.

But Chris’ name isn’t Folgers or Maxwell House so when he isn’t doing the coffee thing he is guiding tours through Yellowstone National Park keep his dream alive. He is a loyal family man and a leader in the local community in addition to being a Montana Ambassador.  Chris is just an all-around good dude.

My current counter clutter of Morning Glory Coffee & Tea. The 5 lb bag of whole bean Huckleberry is tucked away in the pantry.

I’m not going to lie and say I only drink his company’s coffee but I will say I am a regular customer and my cupboards are loaded with it.  My regular flavors are either the Huckleberry or Swiss Chocolate Orange. However, my decaf standby—yes, I drink decaf—is the Chocolate Almond with occasional wandering into the Chocolate Raspberry. He usually runs a Coffee-of-the-Month sale which I tend to partake in for variety.

Give Chris’ coffees a try and support the local guy who loves what he does.

Morning Glory Coffee & Tea
129 Dunraven Street
West Yellowstone, Montana 59758