February 5, 2023
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World Pieces 2022 Expedition

Hello friends, family, Yellowstone guests and members of The Atlas Club! It’s that time! World Pieces is hitting the road again!

Way back in 2018 I did my first World Pieces Expedition for public radio that included traveling to Canada, England and Iceland with the purpose of learning about other cultures with an open mind. I returned enlightened, tattooed and with an emergency passport since my original one “was stolen by fairies”—according to the folks at the U.S. embassy in Reykjavik.

Two expeditions followed in 2019 that had me back in England and Iceland but also took me to Morocco, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal. These expeditions had me in a sandstorm in North Africa, on top of a glacier in Iceland, celebrating Independence Day in Warsaw, rode the Marrakech Express, nibbling my way through Milan with a group of locals at midnight after a Postmodern Jukebox concert, and numerous interviews with people willing to share their stories and cultures with me.

And then COVID hit within a few hours of my leaving for the 2020 expedition. Flights cancelled. Masks enforced.

After years of waiting, it’s time to hit the road again and this time I am circling the globe 🌎. New places! New cultures! New experiences! Asia!

On October 25–this coming Tuesday—I will be leaving Yellowstone and heading for Qatar 🇶🇦, Nepal 🇳🇵, Kuwait 🇰🇼, Egypt 🇪🇬 and Rome 🇮🇹 in search of more knowledge and understanding about the world and people around me. This will include the Himalayas, jungles, deserts and … yes … the Wiener World Tour! 🌭

This trip will have me taking The Atlas Club expedition flag for it’s first journey overseas.

If all goes well—and I don’t wander off too much—I will be back in time for more winter adventures in Yellowstone in December.

Follow me here or on the World Pieces Expeditions Facebook page for daily updates regarding culture and travel. Game on!