October 4, 2022
The World Pieces Expeditionwith Jason “Gypsy” Kladiva

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Yellowstone Mountain Goats

Nothing in the Yellowstone ecosystem gets my heart pumping harder than a mountain goat sighting. As a product of the suburbs of Chicago I could only dream of seeing these majestic creatures in their natural environment. Every sighting is special. While the National Park Service reports there to be 200-300 mountain goats in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem they...

My Coffee Guy

For every need in life everybody should have a “guy” or “girl”.  For instance, if you are shopping for a good used car and need to get one looked over before you buy it, you call your “Car Guy”. If the toilet in the Man Cave bathroom blows up, you call your “Toilet Guy”. Right? Follow me?  Well, Chris Burke is my Coffee Guy. Chris Burke hard at...

Steger Mukluks

”Hey! Where’d ya get dem boots?!” I can’t tell you how many times I have been yelled at from across a street, a parking lot, or while guiding in Yellowstone National Park from somebody wanting to know where I got my boots. This has been going on for almost 30 years. So let me tell you where I got those boots: Steger Mukluks. Ely, Minnesota. Guiding a group at the...

Filson Packer Coat

It has never been any secret that I am in love with the Filson brand. Filson—while on the more expensive side—provides a quality product that lasts. This is why I continually turn to Filson for products for work and play. When I came to Montana to be a winter guide in Yellowstone National Park I knew it was going to be cold. It’s not uncommon to wake up to -40...

Susan Kotsy

I interviewed my good friend, Susan Kotsy. Ms. Kotsy grew up in Budapest, Hungary during Nazi and Russian occupation, escaped and came to the United States. She tells her story of survival and the obstacles she overcame as a youth, an immigrant, a professional and a mother.

Growing Up in Idaho

Sugar City, Idaho native Cheryl Thompson talks about the horse that wore headphones and the time she traded her baby brother for a cow.

Defending the Hot Dog

I celebrate National Hot Dog Day with memories of dogs around the world and a few questions for Karen Maria about Iceland’s famous dog.

On the Trail

Youth Conservation Corps Rover Cody Gardner talks about his background in Long Island and urban planning and how it relates to his work in the wilderness of the Northwest.